Fist in the Dry Wall.

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fb--/austinxspotyrfail (need to change)
i don’t even remember this being on my iPad until I saw it a few moments ago. I must’ve been really, really drunk.
Bellstaff today.
Yeah, I love her. She’s my best friend and my girlfriend and I couldn’t be any happier.
January 13, 2013—she’s great.
we’re so cute.
You’ve all now seen me at my worst (or cutest, according to my girlfriend). 
And here’s one from tonight. 

This was last month (for the most part) in pictures. They made me go through customs like six times because I have a piercing in a place which I will not say and they thought it was something else. And I can’t take it out. 

10pm facial masks with the girlfriend: not as bad as I thought it would be. We both look equally as ridiculous and we’ll both have good skin. 
The saddest part of it all… I really did look like this. Christmas Cards circa ‘2008.